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Precision CNC Milling Services

Modern Group delivers on finished machined components having over 50 horizontal and vertical machining centers. From our engineering staff, to our dedicated in-house tooling design and fabrication, to our 200,000 sq/ft manufacturing space, Modern Group has the experience and capacity to deliver on your machining project.

Benefits of CNC Milling

Precision CNC milling services is a process that comes with a number of benefits that help streamline your machining process. Some of the benefits include:

  • Produces parts quicker and more affordably than other forms of manufacturing
  • Very adaptable
  • Changes can be made to specific lines of data to adjust products in real-time
  • CNC milling is excellent for complex parts that have bevels, angles, and other complex shapes
  • Parts made through this process are highly accurate with tight tolerances

With over 50 machining centers, we are capable of producing your desired products to your specifications using custom CNC milling. Our team operates multiple machining center configurations to ensure your project is completed efficiently and precisely. 

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Precision CNC Milling Equipment

Our 200,000 square feet of manufacturing space contains cutting-edge equipment to ensure finished products meet tight tolerances. We utilize three- and four-axis horizontal and vertical machining centers with tables up to 57 inches wide and 24 inches deep.

3 Axis HMCs & VMCs

With precision CNC milling services, the number of axes on machining centers determines which direction its cutting tool can move in. Three-axis machining centers operate on the X, Y, and Z planes. With these machining centers, operators must reset the workpiece to machine multiple sides of a single piece. The 3-axis machining centers have the ability to produce complex shapes.

4 Axis HMCs & VMCs

A 4-axis lathe adds an additional plane of movement, the A axis. This allows for more complex angled cuts and a single fixture for multiple sides of the same workpiece. 

Unlike their vertically oriented cousins, horizontal 3- and 4-axis lathes position the material horizontally. This requires a greater support structure, so horizontal machining centers are more robust than others. 

It also offers several other advantages. For example, cutting chips can naturally fall to the cutting floor instead of the material surface. This improves efficiency and accuracy. 

  • 40 and 50 Taper Tooling
  • Spindles up to 15,000 RPM
  • Tables up to 25” x 25“
  • Max Workpiece ø up to 29.5”
  • Max O.A.L. up to 36”

Many machining centers have a vertical orientation where the arm rotates on the designated number of axes with tools pointed toward the ground. This configuration requires minimal support structure for cutting tools. As a result, 3 and 4 axis vertical machining centers are an affordable solution to basic machining needs. 

  • 30 and 40 Taper Tooling
  • Spindles up to 16,000 RPM
  • Tables up to 57” wide and 24” deep


The Modern Group team produces CNC milled parts for a wide range of applications. We can design and fabricate various metal parts, including:

  • Aerospace parts
  • Automotive frames
  • Heavy machinery components
  • Parts for agricultural equipment and operations
  • Renewable energy infrastructure

Contact us to discuss your specific requirements. 

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We partner with leading manufacturers to conduct precision CNC milling services, and perform to the stringent quality and delivery expected in these industries:

To learn more about our Precision Milling services, contact us.

custom cnc milling services

CNC Milling Materials

Modern has the equipment and expertise to quickly deliver complex and custom CNC milling solutions regardless of the base material. Our engineering and procurement teams work with our customers to efficiently select and source material, including:

  • Alloys (including 4130, 4140, 8620, and 52100)
  • Aluminum (including 6000 Series, and 7000 Series)
  • Carbon steel (including 1020, 1035, 1040, and 1050)
  • Stainless steel (including 17 Series, 300 Series, and 400 Series)
  • Superalloys (including Hastelloy, Inconel, and Waspalloy)
  • Tool Steel (including H-11 and H-13)

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Modern continually looks to expand and modernize, while remaining committed to the quality and service our customers have come to expect over our more than 100 year history.