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Hammer Forging

Metal Hammer Forging

At Modern Group, our experience and dedication to superior services allow us to help you find the best custom hammer forging solutions for your needs. With over 100 years of experience in forging, we know what it takes to create high-quality and precise hammer forgings.

We offer custom hammer forging solutions that are specific to your needs. Whether you need general forging shapes and tolerances or highly engineered net shapes, our experts are dedicated to providing superior products that exceed all expectations throughout the entire process.

Metal Hammer Forging

Turn to Modern Group for high-quality, high-volume, and high-speed custom metal hammer forging. From custom components for the aerospace industry to automotive accessories manufactured at scale, we offer the dynamic capabilities you need. Explore the custom metal hammer forging process, key applications for hammer-forged components, and the advantages of choosing Modern Group for your forging needs.

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The Hammer Forging Process

Metal hammer forged parts are formed using closed impression dies, temperatures reaching up to 2300 degrees Fahrenheit, and a programmable metal hammer with torque capabilities up to 96,000 foot-pounds. The speed and force of the hammer are carefully considered and tailored to the component at hand.

A hammer forge is an excellent choice for small runs of custom components. The process is suitable for a range of alloys, with stainless steel, carbon steel, and alloy steel being popular options. Once the hammer forge has shaped the piece, it can be machined, cleaned, or heat-treated to create a finished product.

Metal Hammer Forging Applications

Our custom hammer forging services are suitable for components up to 50 pounds in weight and up to 36 inches in length, so we can shape various metal hammer-forged parts to meet your needs.

Below are a few common parts we have forged:

  • Valve bodies
  • Fixtures
  • Hose hangers
  • Drill bits
  • Engine components
  • Other industry-specific parts

Advantages of Our Hammer Forging Services

There are several hammer forging processes and many competing providers of custom metal hammer forging services. Here are key advantages of choosing Modern Group for your custom fabrication or ongoing forging needs:

  • Custom components: Work closely with our engineers and metallurgists to craft exceptional finished parts with close tolerances.
  • Dependable track record: For over 100 years we’ve been forging industrial components and we continue to refine our hammer forging process.
  • High-volume capabilities: Over a dozen high-speed hammers can deliver forged parts at the scale you need.
  • Certified quality: AS9200 and ISO9001 certifications show our commitment to industry-leading safety in our custom metal hammer forging techniques and processes. We also meet industry-specific requirements and certifications.
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Hammer Forging Industries

At Modern Group, we utilize over a dozen programmable, high-speed hammers to shape your custom components at scale. This forging process is suitable for both high- and low-volume applications in a range of industries:

Whether you need forged parts for higher-volume automotive-type applications or lower-volume heavy-duty applications for aerospace, energy, or defense industries, Modern Group offers custom hammer forgings for your needs.

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Hammer Forging Capacities

Our high-speed programmable hammers for metal hammer forging have a wide range of capacities. The hammers can handle ranges that include:

  • 1-50 pounds
  • Up to 36 inches
  • Torque from 8,000 ft-lbs. to 96,000 ft-lbs.

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Modern continually looks to expand and modernize, while remaining committed to the quality and service our customers have come to expect over our more than 100 year history.

Contract Fabrication

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